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Watch While You Wait Before The Date


The ever-smiling Joana, the eighth wonder of the world, is getting ready to go out. She’s already naked. Instead of taking off her clothes as she does in most scenes, we’ll see Joana put it on. But first…

Her hair in rollers, Joana answers a call. ‘What am I wearing?” Joana replies to the caller. “Nothing,” she answers with a giggle. Tossing the phone, which is still on, Joana squirts moisturizer on her much-loved, much-worshiped big boobs and rubs it in good.

The photographer moves in to capture extreme close-up views. Joana’s tits fill the screen. Removing the rollers and letting her hair down, Joana creams her breasts again. Now that she’s got the creamiest boobs in all of eastern Europe, Joana lies back and finger-bangs her shaved pussy. She’s in no rush to get dressed. As her finger music makes magic, her palm spanks her love button until she cums hard.

After a few seconds to come back to earth, a breathless Joana picks up the phone and says goodbye, then dresses and heads out, invigorated from her fap time. What a woman!

Date: June 2, 2020