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Making Melonie Max


Mr. Jag here also hits the Melonie Max jackpot by being the dick-donor, certainly a great honor. Melonie says she rarely gets to initiate sex. She’s always beaten to the first move. That’s because of the effect she has on guys.

She inspires the well-known Wooden Pants Syndrome. She creates wood in your pants. They can’t wait to get their cocks inside her pussy. At home, she watches porn, mainly gang bangs and lesbian action. Who’d have guessed? And what satisfies Melonie best? “When someone can, as they say, eat a peach for hours!” says Melonie. She has no shortage of peach packers.

“I find that once I’m turned on, if a guy wants to suck my nipples, or, like, pinch a nipple while it’s happening, that’s cool. You know what I mean? But for me, at the point of sex, it’s all about the internal action for me.”

Date: June 17, 2020