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Mammaries of Jennifer


The sensational Jennifer Vokova trained in cosmetology and spa procedures. Jennifer speaks no English so she’s quiet during her video. She has 40G tits with creamy skin and sexy nipples.

Entering in a blue dress and stockings, Jennifer releases those huge ya-yas and bounces them up and down. Once she has completed her breast moves and breast creaming, she moves her hand down to finger her pussy.

Jennifer lies back and continues to finger her sweet pussy. She has some very interesting fingering techniques. At one point, she sticks three fingers inside. A dildo is traditionally hidden under the pillow in big-boob videos, and sure enough, Jennifer reaches under a pillow and extracts a very long black-cock dildo. She sucks on it then fucks herself with it, looking at the camera the entire time. As a very nice touch, she sucks on it fresh out of her pussy, licking her juices off of it.

Date: June 17, 2020