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Falling Hard For Stassi Rossi


Stassi Rossi is out for a jog and so is Stirling Cooper. They pass each other and when Stirling turns around to check out who this sexy blonde babe is, he trips over his own feet and goes down. Stassi sees that and runs over to him. It’s not her fault he fell for her but she feels bad and wants to help. She invites him over to her place down the street so she can tend to him. Back at her house, she cleans up Stirling’s scrape and when he stands up, she sees that he’s got a woody. That’s definitely Stassi’s fault.

Glad to see it, Stassi takes his boner in hand and gives him a tongue lashing. Who could resist a blow job from Stassi? Stirling wedges his cock between her huge boobs and fucks her tits. An eager-for-more Stassi plants her big, juicy ass on his face and bounces her booty cheeks. She lowers her body and puts his cock up her pussy. Fucking him hard the cowgirl way, Stassi spins around and rides him some more.

Stirling plants his face once more between Stassi’s famous ass cheeks. That gets Stassi even wilder. Stassi twerks while he’s busy down there. Stirling gives Stassi a power boning from behind that makes her scream. She twerks with his dick inside her in doggie, a sight that should not be missed. There’s more to explore so they’re not done just yet with their bedroom smash. Stirling wants to fuck Stassi in another position and then bang Stassi’s big boobs again. She’s a very inspiring girl. One look and a guy is hooked.

Date: June 23, 2020