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Winter Rae: Living The Bimbo Fuck Doll Life


Winter Rae was referred to SCORELAND by her friend Katy Ann. She lives in Las Vegas and loves to fantasy role-play. Winter is into the fantasy bimbo look: super-slim, big tits, baby-doll personality, the bimbo outfits. “I’ve never worked in a strip club or in many professional settings,” Winter said.

“I was a cheerleader in high school. I’ve had very little work experience outside of doing Onlyfans. I had very small breasts growing up until I had implants done when I was 18 and again at 24. My entire wardrobe emphasizes my breasts, low-cut shirts, crop tops, skintight, thin dresses that show off all the goods.”

When Winter is not fantasy role-playing on-camera, she enjoys Vegas life. “I love going to Las Vegas pools, out on the town to go dancing and have drinks. I love going to Lake Havasu-type places with lots of girls having fun and being slutty! I don’t currently play or watch any sports other than football with my husband occasionally. I enjoy doing crafts at home and baking as well as spending time out on the lake or river on our boat. I love swimming and anything that involves wearing a bikini.”

In this scene, Winter gets busy with a fuck machine that pumps her pussy super hard. She could have easily overheated it the way it was cranking between her legs. You’ll see Winter getting dicked down by her man’s cock in the next video.

Date: June 23, 2020