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My Big Plump Wedding: Part Four


The big day is finally here. The moment that Samantha and her bridesmaids have been waiting for. Samantha’s marriage to the man of her dreams. The guests begin to file into the wedding hall. Maria Moore’s man congratulates Seth, the groom. Time slows down as bridesmaids Cassie Blanca, Rose Valentina, Sapphire and Maria watch, happily relieved that their bosom buddy hasn’t run out of the chapel like last time. And along comes Samantha in her wedding gown, heading down the aisle where her groom waits.

The ceremony is conducted by none other than Wonder Tracy, well-known XL Girl-about-town. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here…,” Tracy announces in her Hungarian accent.

Later that evening, Samantha and Seth are cozy in their room. The main event is about to begin. Sam models the part of her bridal gown that she hasn’t stripped off. This big plump wedding is now about to switch to the big plump honeymoon phase.

Samantha’s big plump ass looks as tempting to Seth as their big plump wedding cake back at the hall. “I’ve always had a fantasy that I wanted to act out on my wedding night,” Seth tells her. “What is it?” Samantha asks. “I’ve always dreamed of giving my new wife a spanking in our honeymoon suite.” “Really?” replies the blonde bride. “Because I would love for you to do that to me!”

It’s going to be a sweet honeymoon in the honeymoon suite. If anyone deserves a spanking, it’s Samantha. The End.

Date: June 26, 2020