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Photographic Mammaries


Our Voluptuous magazine cameraman is shooting a set of Scarlet LaVey when he immediately loses his mind after seeing her fantastic breasts. He was already on the brink when they met prior to the shoot.

This is the spell girls like Scarlet weave on guys. There is no cure. You fall into a deep trance and your cock takes control of your brain. No one blames this photographer for falling over the edge and Scarlett is certainly receptive to his moves, happy to offer his pipe her deep cleavage valley and her sexy mouth, for starters. What a gift! We hope he appreciates it.

The cameras kept rolling as they nearly set the divan on fire from their body friction. He’ll need to reshoot this pictorial one of these days unless we bring in another photographer. As for Scarlet LaVey, her sexual magic is powerful indeed.

Date: June 27, 2020