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Aerola The Size Of Flapjacks On These Long Mexican Knockers


Kim Velez chats with our stylist on-location. They know each other from Kim’s previous photo shoots and this reunion is a pleasure for them and for us.

“I thought you would never call me back again but here I am,” Kim says in Spanish. In fact, months earlier we wanted to return and see Kim.

This chat is very breast-focused. The stylist has new bras for Kim to try on. She hopes they all fit well.

“SCORELAND has sent you these bras so you can model them for us,” she says to Kim. “We hope they can fit your tits.”

“I am very happy!” Kim replies. “I love them! I can see that my boobs will fit in them.”

“Have you ever weighed your boobs?” our stylist asks before the festivities begin. “Do you get that question very often?”

“No, never,” Kim answers. “They usually ask for the size of my areolae and the whole measurement of my breasts. I have never thought about weighing them.”

Date: July 6, 2020