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Gigantic Monster Sized Saggy Floppers Plumper


We would have liked to have invited everyone to this party for Cheryl Blossom but unfortunately we just didn’t have the room, so here are the highlights in pictures and on video that our photographer brought back. Now you can celebrate with Cheryl every day.

Wearing a tight, pink Latex dress hugging her voluptuous curves, Cheryl makes a wish, blows out the candles and opens her gifts. The first is a top that looks a little too small. The next box contains a bikini top that also looks way too tiny for her big boobs.

A tight pink top is next, followed by a lingerie set. A big lollipop is in the last gift box. In a way, these gifts are just as much for Cheryl’s fans as they are for her because she’s going to try them on for size. Hopefully she doesn’t need to exchange anything.

Cheryl tries on all of her gifts for size, has a little more cake and gets to licking her lollipop, dipping it in the cake also.

We’re sure Miss Blossom enjoyed the party as much as we have. Sorry you couldn’t be there. There just wasn’t enough cake.

Date: July 12, 2020