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Mom With Nice Soft Floppers


Katarina is dressed to prepare an assortment of high-calorie snacks. But Katarina quickly sees that showing off her gorgeous and busty body is the best breast fest of all. So it’s time to pass on the whipped cream-covered cupcake she offers and concentrate on her own cream-covered cupcakes. Katarina slowly removes her sexy homemaker clothing, first playing with her pliable, soft and natural tits. She licks her tits, slaps them (and her ass-cheeks) and wraps her clothing around them, purring like a kitten the entire time.

Observe how pliable her tits are as Katarina sprays an areolae with whipped cream, adds sprinkles and bends her breast up to her mouth to lick the cream off the nipple with her long tongue. Now that’s talent. How good that must taste.

Katarina has a wide assortment of snacks and kitchen aides to assist her, including a long jelly toy to pleasure her pussy. No one leaves Katarina’s kitchen hungry. The girl deserves her own culinary TV show.

Date: July 15, 2020