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Fat Bitch With Giant Soft Saggers Rough Fucked


On this sunny day, Reyna Mae is lost on the way to South Beach. She doesn’t know where she is and her cell phone battery is drained. No worries. Her knight in a shiny auto comes to the rescue. She gets in and they head off.

Her hero is impressed by her 36K blouse-busters. Reyna lets him touch one of them as he’s driving. This is really distracted driving. “They’re practically half out of my shirt anyway,” Reyna tells him. She takes one breast out for a quickie and then puts it away just as quickly. You can see where this is going.

Pulling into his apartment parking lot, he takes his dick out of his fly. Reyna gives him head while they’re parked. She takes her big, heavy tits out of her top and rests them on his lap as she strokes and blows him. They forget about everything else but this hot suck-off. “Maybe we should go inside,” Reyna suggests, just in case someone sees what’s going on in the car. Rock hard, he’s eager for more of this sexy blonde and her thick softness.

Once in the apartment, they go to the bedroom and toss away their clothes. Reyna puts his cock back in her mouth and resumes her oral worshipping. She gets on her back so he can straddle her chest and slide his dick between her huge knockers. Eager to fuck, Reyna stays on her back. He begins fucking her from the side, squeezing her pussy lips together, playing with her belly and navel. Reyna wants to get on top next so his shaft can hit her deep. There will be time to go to South Beach later.

Date: July 17, 2020