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Big Heavy Hangers Blonde


It looks like Stassi Rossi had an orgasmic shopping spree at the adult toy store. She’s brought a pump, dildos, a wand, assorted vibrators, two sexy outfits and a bottle of baby oil to anoint her huge tits. A girl could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

Stassi talks tits. Her voice is like liquid sugar.

“My breasts are softy and jiggly. Bras are so uncomfortable. I usually go braless or I like to use silk ropes to discreetly bind my breasts under my blouses if I need an extra lift.

“If I have to hide my sensual superhero self, I will double down with two extra-large sports bras, a black turtleneck and my light California-chic leopard trench coat. I sleep naked and if I could walk around nude all of the time covered in coconut oil, I would! Most of the time, I’m in a sheer black bodysuit and chunky high heel boots.”

Date: July 21, 2020