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Beautiful Black Bitch With Enormous Low Hanging Udders


Why do girls with huge 36J-cup breasts always ask if we like their huge breasts? They know we do. They know we live for them.

Rene Love has a totally killer body. Awe-inspiring, massive 44-inch tits. This scene visually worships them. Part of this video is Rene slowly and teasingly undressing in her coy way. Part of it is Rene coating herself with a clear, viscous gel, gluey stuff that makes a sticky sound when Rene rubs her hands all over her chest. It makes her body shine under the lights.

Rene moves in closer, jumping up and down and shaking her hooters. They could knock a guy out, so heavy are they. She’s proud of them. This girl worked as a hotel clerk? She played volleyball in high school?

Was that 17th century French guy crazy when he said about breasts that “anything more than a champagne glass full is a waste?” In all fairness, he never got to check out Rene Love in all of her glory. He’d have changed his tune real quick.

Date: July 28, 2020