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Chubby Lisa Biggs And Her Monsters Size Long Low Hanging Udders


If the United States had busty realtors built like Lisa Biggs, the real estate crash in 2008 would have never happened. Liza is showing Carlos Rios a swanky bachelor pad. He seems more interested in Ms. Biggs’s swanky body and big, natural swanky boobs. She looks very interested in him. Liza shows him the large panoramic windows and then suddenly, with a big smile, whips off her top in a flash. This is a common realtor practice to demonstrate how much privacy a buyer can have in the house. Except when Liza does it, everything comes to a halt and brain freeze locks in for a few seconds.

Handling this well, Carlos joins in and takes off his shirt too. Now that they’ve been properly introduced, Liza welcomes Carlos’s roamin’ hands touching her huge, perfectly-shaped ta-tas, capped by large (three inches), darker-colored areolae. What a warm welcome. No wonder Liza is a top realtor…or should that be top-heavy realtor?

Carlos comes behind Liza and enjoys the feel and softness of her big boobs. He presses against her curvy hips. She’s not wearing panties. He lifts up Liza’s skirt and penetrates her pink pussy with his prick, pumping her from behind. They move to a couch. Still standing, now naked except for her black stockings and high heels, Liza lifts one leg and places it on top of the couch, giving Carlos full access to her tight cooch in a standing doggie. The camera angle of this position and the ones to follow are terrific. After fucking Liza in a missionary position, Carlos picks her up in his arms and plows her standing.

High-powered athletic fucking, tit-banging and a hot blowjob make this realtor’s guided tour a done deal. They’re not flipping this house. They’re here to fuck in it!

Date: August 4, 2020