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Pancake Size Areola Monster Sized Saggers


“I want you to spank me,” Kim Velez says in Spanish. “And treat me like a bad girl.” Sounds like a plan. “I am very hot,” Kim murmurs, taking off her clothing. That’s the best way to cool off.

Kim had a breast growth spurt before we shot her scenes this time. The braces are gone and she has several tats now. “It’s hard for me to find clothing now that my boobs are bigger. I haven’t weighed my boobs yet. I have never thought about weighing them. Guys don’t ask me how heavy they are. They usually ask for the size of my areolae or what my measurements are.”

After doing boob drops, Kim gives herself a pussy wedgie with her panties, rubs her clit and fingers herself while sucking on her nipple. She sighs from the nerve-tingling pleasure.

Date: August 15, 2020