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Fat Old Bitch With Soft Udders Fucked Hard


“I like simple dates,” Danica Danali said. “Movies, dinner, a walk somewhere nice.” This date wraps up in a very happy ending for her tit-loving pal Danny, who gets to fuck her huge breasts and feel the friction of Danica’s palms squeezing and milking his bloated shaft.

“D’ya want to have a bit o’ fun?” Danica’s date asks, worked up over her treasure chest. “Maybe, maybe not,” Danica teases. “What size are they?” he asks. “38J,” Danica softly replies. “How about I give you a little massage?” “Okay,” answers Danica, turning her back to him so he can get to work on her shoulders. But all the while he’s itching to caress and rub those massive, solid torpedoes instead. “That’s a nice way to start.”

“Do you mind if I have a little grope of your tits?” Danica is ready, willing and able. Her straps are undone and her naked jugs are revealed in all their wondrous glory. Danny starts sucking on them, burying his face in them. Soon, Danica’s tits will be coated in cum.

Date: August 19, 2020