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Chubber With Big Udders


Elle Flynn gets dressed in her sexy baby-doll nightie. She checks herself out in the full-length mirror and the view is spectacular. Elle gives her negligee her stress test. She shakes her big, heavy boobs and they don’t fly out. It passes the test. “Let’s see if we can get these babies out of their restraints,” Elle says.

She moves her chest from side to side but her tits remain supported. Then she leans forward and bounces them hands-free. This time one of her treasures falls out. With another hard, fast shake, the other breast falls out. This is enough to make a man cry tears of joy. The size, the shape. Perfect natural boobs. That’s what Elle has.

Elle resumes her fast boob shaking and fingers her kitty hard. Kneeling by a mirror placed on the floor, Elle keeps shaking and fingering, looking at her reflection, which makes her hotter. Her fingers are soaked and glisten in the light. She leans back on the floor to spank her pussy some more and to taste the nectar off her fingers. You couldn’t ask Santa to deliver a hotter, more bodacious babe than Elle Flynn.

Date: August 25, 2020