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Busty, pig-tailed coed Alice Wayne is young, dumb and ready for cum. Actually, the giggling, cock-teasing airhead routine Alice pulls on her college professor works very well as a seduction move. We give her a few gold stars for it. She can’t show him on a map with his pointer where Russia is (even though she’s Russian) or Germany or any other country but she can lift up her short, plaid skirt, show him her little panties and lower her blouse to show him her big tits. She’s a smart little cookie.

It only takes a few minutes and prof is hooked on Alice and puts his brain in his desk drawer so he can suck on her nipples. She sits on his lap and seals the deal by grinding. Smart little cookie Alice doesn’t care where countries are on the map. She learns more by swallowing her professor’s dick. Worshiping is more like it. Alice licks and tongue-teases the cock slowly, looking at him respectfully with her big, brown eyes. Men in authority turn Alice on.

Professor Schvanz can’t handle much more of her lip service. Alice’s tight, young pussy hole awaits pumping on one of the desks. He’s honored to tutor his comely students, as long as they have big hooters and want to stay after class and cum.

Date: September 19, 2020