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Mae Montgomery & Her 38J-cups


Mae Montgomery found out about XLGirls from a friend. This is a very traditional route to XLGirls, going back over twenty years.

“In school I wasn’t the bustiest because there was one girl bigger than me but I’ve always had large breasts, a tiny waistline, and a thick butt. It runs in the family,” Mae said.

Mae clued us in about bras, masturbation and other important topics.

“I usually wear bras, but there are times when I don’t wear them to go out–when I wear dresses or sweaters that I can get away with not wearing bras. But recently my bras have really begun to become uncomfortable and I have not worn them to the store to quickly pick up something. Actually, this whole year I’ve basically become a nudist at home since I don’t have to go anywhere and there’s no point in putting on clothes. I have absolutely loved every minute of it! I’ll even lounge outside on my porch. It feels amazing.”

After a lingerie show, Mae plays with her huge tits and fingers her pussy.

“Of course, I masturbate! Who doesn’t? I could lay around all day just edging myself. Bringing my body so close to cumming then easing off. I’ll use toys mostly because I have small hands and my fingers don’t do much. I’ll play with my clit and use a toy or sometimes I’ll use a toy in my ass and use one of my dildos and fuck myself like crazy. I will play so much that I can make myself squirt everywhere. I will play with my breasts and lick them. I used to be able to suck my own nipples but they have grown and are too big for me to reach now.”

Date: September 20, 2020