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Thick Blonde With Floppy Udders Fucked Rough


Our poor, beautiful Angel Wicky. All dressed up and looking sexy yet stranded in a bad part of town. She’s got to get out of this neighborhood fast so she makes a call for a ride but the driver flakes. Now she’s upset and we don’t want to see Angel angry and scared.

Just then, a white knight drives up. One who brakes for angels. Angels with rounded cleavage and big boobs. Offering to get Angel the hell out of this dumpy part of town, he invites her into his chariot and they take off. Angel is relieved and asks him if he wants to share a coffee with her. Only a crazy man would blow off a busty angel dropped into his lap from hooter heaven. Instead of a cafe, they go to his place because we need to see Angel get undressed without too long a wait.

While the coffee is brewing, he brings over a glass of water. Angel notices a large protrusion in his trousers and that delights the always giggly and smiling blonde. She knows when Mr. Happy Pants is eager to get some air. Upbeat and energetic Angel looks at a boner as a genuine compliment to her sex appeal, big boobs and shapely body.

Feeling his junk, Angel asks if she can see what’s inside. “You like girls with big tits and ass?” Angel asks, giggling. She opens his fly and his stiffie pops out like jack-in-the-box. Angel strokes it and puts it in her mouth for an epic afternoon of hard-pounding fucking and dick sucking.

Date: September 27, 2020