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Fat Bitch With Hanging Saggers Fucked Rough


It’s a sunny afternoon and Kacey Parker is just hanging around, hanging out and showing off her hanging hangers in a well-ventilated dress. Kacey is not waiting for a bus. She’s waiting for a man to pick her up, drive his skin-bus through her titty-tunnel and park it in her pussy playground. Donations on her face are greatly appreciated.

Carlos comes to a halt when he sees this thick, cherubic vision of xtra-large tits and ass waiting for someone to deliver the big beef bologna. He’s the right man with the right tool for the right job and that’s important to Kasey, a girl who takes pride in how stiff she can make cocks with her womanly assets.

The hooker from Hooterville gets into Carlos’ car, and after he cops a feel of her gigantic gazongas and she checks him out for lumps, he drives off to his place where he can fuck the hell out of her. Kacey finds out fast that he’s a real dirty, aggressive player. They fling nasty comments at each other as he rams her wet cunt and stuffs her throat every which way.

Date: November 26, 2020