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Kailani Kai Super Heavy Hangers


Sexy lady Kailani Kai has a hot date tonight, or so she thinks. After getting dressed up for a big night, Kailani gets “the call.” Her dude is punking out for the night, leaving Kailani high and dry. That doesn’t work for Kailani so she phones Nicky and tells him to come over. Kailani is going to get a dicking and nothing is going to get in her way. A guy really has his hands full with this awesome amazon.

When Nicky comes over, Kailani buries his face between her giant tits. The two fall into bed and he sucks on her choice nipples. They sixty-nine for a while. After burying his tongue in her pussy and making it sopping wet, Nicky fucks Kailani’s heavy boobs. She first lubes her deep cleavage with her spit.

Kailani is always very enthusiastic about having her tits fucked. After he bangs her boobs as she kneels and then on her back, she takes his dick and sticks it in her bushy pussy for a cowgirl ride before they switch to another position.

The moral of the story is never break a date with a stacked babe built like a brick house or you’ll be locked out and replaced.

Date: November 26, 2020