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Fat Bitch With Big Saggy Udders


Lester and Karl have hit the local burger joint. Lester has heard that the waitresses at this place are fine, foxy, full-bodied and fun. And he heard right. Porsche Dali is one of these perky, happy and bouncy burger babes and she serves to please. You can’t always have it your way, but here you can. Just what a guy wants and needs.

The guys are suddenly not interested in their food when giggly and chatty Porsche bends over and her extra-big tits poke out from under her pink uniform. They’re now more interested in seeing her huge knockers, so Porsche gives ’em what they want. That’s customer service! The best!

Porsche keeps bouncing and jiggling when she talks about the big game the other day. Did the guys see her on TV? The more excited she gets, the more of her uniform comes off until she’s down to her cap and shoes. She really deserves a great big tip, and we don’t mean money.

Porsche proceeds to give them, and you, the best damn service ever seen in a fast food place, much better than the competition down the block. Do you know a burger joint where the waitresses play with their big tits and wet pussies at the counter? Didn’t think so!

Date: August 4, 2021