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Fat, Saggy, And Beautiful


Cat Bangles is supposed to get dressed, but she can’t resist playing around with her voluptuous body and big natural tits first. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that Cat’s gonna pleasure herself at some point, and since it’s too early for the stud to arrive, she’s bound to take things into her own hands. It’s a good thing the camera guys were already locked and loaded and captured it.

A very randy Cat, this Bostonian bra-breaker doesn’t kid around when she spanks her kitty. She sticks her fingers in deep (and we mean deep) inside her pussy and makes herself cum before she gets dressed, and then again after she gets dressed. A loud squish-squish sound fills the room as she finger-bangs herself. And check out that open-crotch G-string novelty panty that Cat tries on under her dress. Now that’s a real fashion statement!

Date: August 16, 2021