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Fat White Bitch Destroyed By Black Bull


“Two big pillows,” says Molly Howard’s fuck friend. That’s right. Two big pillows to bury his face in. Two big, soft, warm, supple breasts to sink into.

Assante sucks her big nipples and Molly joins in, sucking her own nipples. Molly’s bra and panties are ditched. She kneels before Stone and squeezes his package through his boxers.

Taking his sausage in her mouth, Molly hungrily eats his prick, her tongue swirling round the tip. He holds her head with both hands and fucks her mouth with steady strokes. He wants more “mouth pussy” and lays back on their sex altar of a bed so she can let her 38DDD-cup tits hang and dangle over his boner while she gives him more head. She nestles his dick between her sweatermeat valley and sucks the head. This is a great way of combining a blowjob with a tit-fuck.

Molly gets on her back for more tit-fucking, holding her jugs together tightly to make a tit-slit. She spreads her legs wide and holds them in the air so he can reach behind himself and rub her snatch while fucking her tits at the same time.

Facing us, she sits on his pole and bounces up and down, her hands off her boobs so they can move freely and wildly.

“Just knowing that I turn someone on enough to get them off satisfies me to the fullest extent,” Molly told us.

Date: October 26, 2021