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G-Cup Saggy Tittys


Maya Milano told the studio team that getting naked on-camera turns her on. She enjoys the high she gets from playing with her big, beautiful, natural boobs on-camera and the thought that so many will enjoy seeing what she does. It’s a fantasy fulfilled for Maya to travel to other countries and model. She also enjoys posing fully dressed outdoors, in public, but nude posing indoors is what really thrills her.

Maya’s never had sex with another girl. That’s one of her fantasies… to be with a pretty girl with big boobs. “I’ve never done this, but one day I would like to try it,” says Maya. First, she has to find a pretty girl with big boobs and then find out if the other girl has the same fantasy. It hasn’t happened yet, but if Maya ever does find a girl who looks like her and is just as stacked, she’s got to call her friends at SCORE and let them know. We can certainly hope.

Date: December 17, 2021