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Demmy Blaze Gigantic Soft Saggers Nipples Pointing To The Ground


Demmy Blaze’s tops, tanks, blouses and bras are made from a miracle fabric. It’s a miracle if they last a month the way her breasts stretch them to the max. Demmy shows us some of her latest acquisitions and tries them on, including a red zippered top and a yellow pullover.

Demmy is very meticulous about her hair, makeup and wardrobe. She’s learned a lot about photography and modeling since she began in 2016 and wants to learn even more.

“I’m very happy doing what I am doing,” Demmy said. “I never thought I would show my boobs, and then I discovered I like doing it. I am proud of my boobs. I love my body and I think I am lucky to be natural. I know that money cannot buy the kind of body I have. People ask me many questions about my breasts. I am very serious about working as a model. Although, sometimes, I can be very critical of myself.”

Date: July 29, 2022