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Molly Evans Fat Bitch With Giant Saggy Floppers


When Molly Evans appears at SCORELAND, every guy stands at attention.

One of Molly’s goals is to become a “top model.” She’s accomplished that and very quickly.

“At school, girls teased me, saying that I have big breasts. Is it too much?” Molly told us. Not in our opinion.

Molly’s friends have nicknames for her.

“Basically it’s ‘Busty, busty, milking girl with wide eyes,’ ‘Titty shaking’ or ‘Big boobs.'”

“Congratulations to my girl Molly Evans on winning Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year,” A.T. wrote.

“Her lips are incredible! Such a kissable mouth, and I can only dream of what else they can kiss! Her tits are amazing. Her face is so youthful and innocent. Beating out Holly Garner makes Molly’s win even more impressive. When Holly debuted, I think we all thought we were looking at the Newcomer of the Year, and in most years, we would have been. But then along came Molly and…bam! Whole new ballgame. I think it’s fair to say Molly beat out an all-time great and Holly finished second to an all-time great. If you can somehow get them together for a scene, that would be a dream.”

Date: December 24, 2022