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Gya’s Global Warming


You can blame whomever you want to blame for global warming. The truth is, the finger should be pointing straight at Gya Roberts. She’s too hot. She’s heating up the earth at an alarming rate.

Lusty Miss Roberts is dressed to kill, thrill and spill her 44-inch tits over her 34HH brassiere. No one can say that Gya is not a smiling, happy girl. She’s always smiling and looks happy to be ogled by the cameras and appreciated by tit-men.

“When I meet a man who interests me, I like to look at his hands first and see how big they are,” Gya said. “I like to look at his dick and I have a hand test. If he passes, we go forward. Let me explain. The hand test is made for his dick and I have the duty of making him hard by kissing or teasing him. I put my hand on his dick over his pants and we see what happens.”

Gya’s fantasy: “I wanna stay naked in a shop window and count how many men get excited!”

Date: September 22, 2019