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Chubby Out Of Shape Redhead With Empty Saggy Funbags


A gorgeous, voluptuous and seductive ginger from down-under, Avalon “xFaeryPrincessx” Fey can have any man eating out of her hand. The male staff of SCORE would be happy to do that if we lived in Australia. Her apartment is like a sexual theme park, an erotic Never Never Land where she casts her fairy tale spells and enchantments on her cyber-followers.

We first see Avalon wearing a green bra and panties, black stockings and a short black robe. She does a slow, sensuous, striptease dance, speaking seductively in a sing-song voice. She leaves her stockings on, a contrast against her creamy-white skin. Raising her hands above her head, Avalon makes her big, natural, succulent breasts bounce. They slap against her chest. She turns around to twerk her beautifully shaped booty.

On all fours by her laptop, Avalon cams and chat with fans, teasing them and us verbally and getting her perfect body into different hot poses. Avalon shows how she can deep-throat with her giant, cock-shaped, squirting dildo and wands her clit while pumping her perfect, thick-lipped pussy with a clear toy that’s a series of balls. Her pussy gets very wet and you can hear the squish-squish as she plunges the dildo in and out, resulting in a screaming orgasm. Avalon thanks us for watching her but it’s we who have to thank her.

Date: October 13, 2020