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The Nice & Tight Rubber World of Merilyn Sakova


Merilyn worked out her kinks in this unusual scene. She begins naked, just her furry muff to keep her warm. The cameraman hands her a can of talcum powder. She pours it on her ass cheeks and rubs it in so she can put on her rubber panties without it sticking.

The same powder treatment is applied to her huge tits. The cameraman then hands Merilyn a black rubber girdle and dangles a pair of long black rubber gloves in front of her. Merilyn grabs it, eager to try them on. The rubber outfits excite her.

Merilyn covers her body with oil and fondles her slick, shiny body. To complete her kinky play, Merilyn wraps a sheet of plastic around her tits, then tears it to shreds. A show like this would fit right in at a fetish club in Kiev.

Date: October 4, 2019