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Blake Emerald: Vegas Vixen


“I feel sexy when I’m complimented by others or when I see people checking me out,” Blake Emerald said. “I feel sexy if I’m wearing an outfit that I look super-hot in, if my makeup looks cute that day and when I’m out dancing.”

There are plenty of clubs for Blake and her friends to shake it because she lives in party city Las Vegas. All eyes on her big, pillowy titties.

“I choose clothing that makes me feel sexy. I definitely want my boobs pushed up and noticeable. I also like something tight on my waist, ass and hips, the better to show off my curves.

Blake spends a lot of time in that online universe called Camelot where she cums a lot.

“I like live cam a lot, a really direct and personal way to get to meet me in real time and have some fun with me.”

Tight, tighter and tightest is how to describe what Blake likes to wear. After she has fun showing off her new button-down dress, Blake takes out a dong and pleases her plush pussy.

Date: March 23, 2020