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Cum For Samantha Lee


Do you know the best time to put the moves on a girl for sex? Usually when she’s packing a bag. Packing a suitcase indicates travel. Travel suggests vacation. The thought of vacation gets women hot for cock because women on holiday are genetically programmed to feel hornier.

South Florida lady Samantha Lee has a hot body so she likes to show it off in tight booty shorts, a tight top and stripper heels. Samantha is packing her suitcase when her booty call buddy interrupts her packing by squeezing her tits and touching her nipples. He lays back so she can suck the trouser-pipe.

Samantha rubs her moist pussy while she fills her mouth with the meat-stick. She earns a lot of points by going all the way down on the shaft instead of mere cock-tip sucking. Samantha stops her blow job and steps off the bed to get nude and give the dude an eyeful of her body. She’s trim and fit to be fucked. Samantha gets back on the bed and lets him slide into her pussy sideways. She spanks her clit while they fuck. He pulls out to spank her clit also with his dick, then sticks it back in her pussy.

She sucks her nipples as he pistons her. Eager to bust a nut, he pulls out and Samantha kneels to receive a special delivery of his load on her offered boobs. She wipes the spunk off her jugs and pops her fingers in her mouth to swallow his seed. This video answers the “spit or swallow” question for Samantha and also demonstrates that a good time to put the moves on a busty woman is when she’s packing a suitcase.

Date: October 22, 2019