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Kitana Doubles Down


This scene opens with Kitana Flores being interviewed by a TSG editor. Kitana admits she’s nervous. She’s generally not into threesomes in her personal life. But she’s looking forward to taking on two of our studs because, “I’m going to feel like a queen. I’m going to get so much attention.”

Well, after you watch this scene, two things might come to mind. The first: Kitana doesn’t seem nervous at all. This Latina hottie is totally into it, so much so that she moans Spanish fuck talk (at least we think it’s fuck talk) several times. The second: When was the last time you saw a queen coated in cum? And we mean coated. When the guys empty their nut sacs, they absolutely glaze Kitana to the point where her face is masked in spunk and sticky ball goop is dripping down her pretty chin and onto her perfectly-shaped tits.

“I want your cock, baby,” she says while the boys feast on her tan-lined tits. Later, she says, “Oh, baby, I’m gonna be your whore,” and she is as she gets her mouth filled with cock (while getting tit-fucked) then fucks and eats dick at the same time.

Kitana shakes her tits and wiggles her ass. She spanks their boners and shoves them into her wet cunt. Attention? Yes. Loads of it.

Date: October 28, 2019