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Oils Well


What Jasmine Shiraz does so well: A) Shakes her natural sweater-bumpers up and down and side to side with exceptional, kinetic skills. She could operate an Xbox Kinect with her boobs. A man could watch this for hours; B) Self-sucks and self-licks her nipples beautifully and with excellent oral talents; C) Oils like a Renaissance artist.

Jasmine must hypnotize ’em at the Jersey shore during the summer when she reaches for the suntan oil bottle. Totally-oiled Jasmine lays her slick, slippery body on the bed, peels aside her sticky panties and rubs one out while playing with her natural 36F-cup gifts.

“When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do this, even though I thought about it. I’ve always liked to show off my boobs,” Jasmine said.

Date: November 14, 2019