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Kash Bella: A Good Time With A Hot Girl


Kash Bella is primping in the mirror as is a girl’s right. She’s checking out her thick body in her sexy new lingerie when her man Nicky Rebel, who’s lying in bed calls out for her. He’s anxious to suck on her nipples and run his dick between her tits. When she finally walks into the bedroom, she doesn’t disappoint him. They fall into bed for a hot fuck and suck session that climaxes with her tits covered in nut-sauce.

Kash talked sex. What turns her on. How often she likes getting it.

“I like to have sex at least three-to-five times a week, not including when I masturbate. I can be both assertive or passive at times. It depends on my mood and the energy of the person I’m with at that time. I like dirty talk, sensual massage, teasing, licking, kissing and toys. My favorite positions are sideways, on-top and missionary.”

Kash has a group sex fantasy. Not with men, with girls.

“I’d like to be seduced and passionately ravaged by a group of super-sexy women, kinda like in the old Madonna video where she had men all over her on the bed…except with women instead of men. Hot!”

Date: November 18, 2019