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Amy’s Villainous Ways


Wow! What a great girlfriend Amy Villainous would be. Amy squeezes and squishes her massive 38J breasts, tries on tight tops and rubs her pussy on a spiral staircase.

Amy exercises with yoga and pole dancing. She also likes to do burlesque-style dancing. “My boobs grew 1-to-2 cup sizes every year until I was about 28 years old. When I graduated high school, I was an F-cup.”

Amy’s dark-side look was inspired by “Morticia Addams and Elvira. They are definitely my style muses. I tend to wear a lot of low-cut, form-fitting black dresses with corsets. I love anything fishnet and faux leather. Every time I leave the house, someone is ogling my chest. I love how powerful it makes me feel.”

Date: December 29, 2019