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Redheads Are Hot


Adorable, chubby and busty redhead Quinn Rain telephones her daddy while, through the window of her house, she watches boat man Peter service her daddy’s vessel in the back yard. She promises her daddy to pay Peter when he’s done. Quinn has that look in her pretty eyes as she watches him at work. She’d like to service his vessel.

Quinn goes outside to speak to him. She’s wearing a tight top, tight skirt and “fuck-me” heels. She is pure eye-candy, tease-bait for horny guys. Quinn could jump in her car and bag any male she wanted right now but she’s zeroed in on Peter. She invites Peter in and puts the moves on him. Peter backs off. He thinks her father will walk in and catch him “in flagrante delicto” with his cock between Quinn’s pussy lips. Quinn gets assertive and lets him know daddy ain’t around plus she’s going to pay him. It’s smooth sailing for this hot little minx after that! She gets the hard cock she wanted and blows the man down.

“I’m mostly passive about sex but I can get assertive when I really, really want something,” said Quinn who is a cam girl and burlesque dancer. “I do like being ordered and directed, sometimes a little spanking or getting tied-up. And when I give a man a blow job, I always swallow! I’m vegan and I need all the protein I can get.”

Quinn shivers our timbers.

Date: March 23, 2020