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Sweetie Care: Clappin’, Slappin’, Teasin’, Pleasin’


Wearing a green teddy, Sweetie goes to the garden in a bra, a bikini top and lingerie that’s designed like a monokini. She finds her comfy place and tries on each garment in-between loudly clapping and slapping her big tits in your face. It’s called the music of the boobs.

Every couch comes with a sex-toy under the pillows and the one that Sweetie has parked her bodacious butt on is no exception. This vibrator has a prong for clit tingling.

Sexy Sweetie vibrates her shaved pussy and it’s so quiet in this garden, you can hear the wet squish-squish sound as Sweetie goes to cum-town. She finishes herself off with her fingers, spreading her fleshy pussy lips and digging her fingers into her pink slit to hit her sweet spot.

Date: April 5, 2020