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The Super-Natural Rack Royale of Jenni Noble


It’s bikini day at the pool and Jenni has a new bikini to show off. Here’s a girl-next-door kinda girl who weaponizes her swimsuits (and every kind of top) with her super-natural breasts and has a license to thrill. With Jenni, it’s not just springtime that’s busting out, it’s every season.

“My bikinis have to be supportive and big, and even then, when I’m swimming, I have to pull them up,” Jenni said. “Otherwise my boobs will pop out.

“I like to watch and I like to be watched. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and I like voyeurism. Say if there’s a pool boy outside, I’ll give him a peek. Tease him a bit. I’ll probably walk around in a towel or sit in a way that he can see me playing with myself just to turn him on.”

Just one of those girls that pool boys and SCORELAND guys live for.

Date: April 11, 2020