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Soft Bitch Releases Bra Busting Monster Udders


Here you are again with the magnificently endowed Scarlet Red, a woman that painters, photographers and sculptors dream of meeting. She wears a tight, very low-cut dress and no bra. Scarlet’s sun-kissed boobs can barely be contained so she just takes them out with her hands as she talks to her photographer. As they chat, Scarlet reveals every ravishing inch of her remarkable rack.

“I was born in the Soviet Union,” Scarlet said. “I wasn’t born in Ukraine. I was born in one of the Soviet republics that most people haven’t heard of. Then I traveled a lot. I came to North America from Ukraine.

“I lived in the United States, then I lived in a lot of different countries. I’ve done lots of traveling. I had Ukrainian citizenship before I moved to North America. I like it here. I think I’m going to stay, but I still love to travel. I love to go to different countries.

“I’ve been to London and Germany several times. I love Germany. I love the architecture. You don’t see much of the interesting building designs in North America like you see in Germany. I just love it. I love the history. You walk the street and you just enjoy it aesthetically and you can feel the history of the places.

“I know some beautiful girls in Ukraine who have big breasts. It’s rare, but sometimes in my travels I will see a woman with very big breasts. It’s definitely something that I notice when I see them. I’ll think, ‘I know what you are. You’re just like me.’ I keep touching my breasts because it’s a struggle to keep these babies under control. They are heavy. Very heavy.”

Date: August 17, 2020