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Teenage Bitch With Humongous Low Hanging Pendulous Breasts


Teen dream Bonne Shine comes home after a long day of study and work. She’s tired and falls on her bed for a few seconds, then makes herself get up. She wants to take a shower and refresh herself, so she stands to undress, revealing her curvy, voluptuous body and big, natural breasts.

Wrapping a towel around herself, Bonne goes into the bathroom and gets wet with her handheld shower head. When she’s dried off, she gets into bed and uses her TV remote to see what’s on. There’s nothing she wants to see.

Bonne knows how to wrap up her day and make it a satisfying one. Smiling, she reaches into her dresser drawer, takes out a big vibrator and takes off her towel. Bonne kisses her B.O.B. and licks her fingers to moisten her pussy before she pleasures herself, using light movements around her pussy lips with the vibe at first, sticking it in and out, sticking it in deep and using her fingers to increase her pleasure.

Getting on her knees, her booty in the air, Bonne resumes her toying and fingering in doggie position. She resumes her masturbation on her back and enters her cum-zone. It’s a powerful one by the look on her face. Now Bonne can go to sleep and have sexy dreams.

Date: October 5, 2020