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This Plumper Has The BIG Saggy Boobs We Love


Sexy and succulent Paola Zaguna cums hard at home with her favorite toys. She oils her huge tits and sticks a thick vibrator between them. Lying back on her bed, Paola rubs her pussy lips for a bit, then places a pink vibrator on her clit and plunges the big cock toy deep inside.

Pumping and plugging herself to a wet climax, Paola’s quivering boobs wobble and her toes curl as she rides that cum-train of pleasure. Watching Paola is habit-forming but healthy.

“I get a lot of attention,” Paola said. It would be a crime if Paola did not get tons of attention.

“I feel lucky to have my big breasts. Guys tell me that my breasts have a beautiful shape and size. That’s why I like to show what I have. I wear tops that show a lot of my cleavage and I like clothing that shows off a lot of my body–shorts, tight dresses and short skirts.”

Date: December 11, 2020