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How Minka Rewards Loyalty


Living SCORE legend Minka always draws a big line of fans when she’s signing at the Adult Video News Expo in Las Vegas.

On this day, Minka is making a special appearance at an adult video shop signing copies of her DVD Maximum Minka and one of her SCORE cover issues. The guys are eagerly lined-up to get Minka’s autograph when one over-excited fan pushes his way to the head of the line, risking getting the crap beaten out of him by the guys waiting patiently.

He looks like he’s about to shoot a load in his pants at the sight of Minka and her 44KK-cups in real life. He tells Minka how much of a fan he is and that she is his favorite star. Even though he crashed the line, Minka understands his zeal. She once said that she gets horny just from looking at herself in the mirror.

Minka decides to invite him up to her hotel room and make his ultimate dream come true by sucking and fucking him–the greatest souvenir of all, one he will never forget. She’s horny anyway from the attention she got from all the guys in the store.

He does his best to give Minka a hearty fuck and a load of cum all over her mega-boobs. This is a day he will cherish for the rest of his life, a hot private session with the world’s biggest-breasted Asian superstar and tennis champion. It pays to dream big, especially when Minka is around.

Date: September 28, 2019