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Honey Girl


For Christy, any room in the house is a place to play. She always finds some horny activity to keep her nice and busy, something that wraps up in a happy ending for her.

For example, Christy wrote about an average day at home. Well, not an average day. No day is average for Christy. It was a Monday.

“Today I woke up grumpy and in a bad mood, so I wanted to do some yoga. I got into the shower to relax myself and get in the zone but my pussy was looking so good that my shower took a little longer. You know I had to play with my pussy and cum and then wash off and leave it squeaky clean. After that I toweled off and walked around the house a bit. I love being naked and just chilling out. Then I ended up doing naked yoga in my kitchen. It was so relaxing just letting my titties go their own way while I stretched my muscles out. Good times, good times!”

Date: October 21, 2019