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The 44KK Minka Experience


Sitting on the edge of the bed, Minka thrusts her chest out, those eye-popping tits straining the straps of her 44KK-cup Sears bra under her tight, red blouse.

Minka talks dirtier than she ever did, dropping the F-word liberally, and there’s a more sexually assured glint in her eyes now. She’s more dominant, less submissive, than she was in the past. She pulls down Carlos’ pants aggressively and she directs him in how he should fuck her huge tits by sliding his cock under her bra.

As soon as Minka gets on top to slide down the pole, she takes pleasure in riding it nasty and rough. When they’ve finished screwing, she takes things into her own hands and aggressively jerks his cock off and catches the load on her tits. Lifting a cum-dipped finger to her mouth, she says, “Delicious.”

Date: November 12, 2019