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Desk Sex P.O.V. With Katarina


There’s nothing wrong with bureaucratic red-tape if the bureaucrat looks like Katarina Dubrova and has great hooters like this hot dish. If you need some documents approved, you’ll need to pass her gauntlet to get them signed and that kicks off this P.O.V. scene.

We don’t need to take a poll to find out how many of you would jump through a flaming hoop for the chance to give Katarina a dicking-down. Her post-preggo mommy body, especially her mid-section, is in perfect shape.

This is one of those rare times that we hear Katarina speak English. (She has a very sexy voice.) When Katarina first modeled at SCORE in 2007, she was a college student. She hasn’t changed all that much since then, just gotten curvier.

When Katarina coaxes out a load straight into her mouth, her eyes widen, her cheeks bulge and she gags, then opens her mouth to let his spunk splatter her boobs in a hot, poppin’ climax!

Date: June 23, 2020